The Love Harder Project uses music to raise money and awareness to assist victims of violence.

The organization was founded as an extension of former Major League Baseball player and three-time World Series Champion San Francisco Giants Third Base Coach, Tim Flannery’s work in support of Bryan Stow, a Giants fan who was savagely beaten on opening day 2011. To support Bryan and his family, Tim has used his music to raise well over $200,000. More than that, he has kept Bryan’s story in the public eye, which has generated additional money for the family. With that success, Tim created The Love Harder Project to do more.

In addition to raising money for The Love Harder Project, Tim has used his music to raise money for a variety of causes including, the fight to end homelessness, cancer research and a children’s camp.

Throughout his career as a baseball player and musician, it had become abundantly clear to Tim that he could help others. He could do more. He could give back. His efforts over the last 30 years have proven this to be true and The Love Harder Project is a way to not only continue these efforts, but also formalize and grow them. More can be done. More money can be raised. More awareness generated. The Love Harder Project shines a bright light and helps drive the “more.”

The Love Harder Project is in the process of securing its 501(c)(3) designation. All donations to The Love Harder Project dating back to December 2014 will be retroactively tax deductible upon approval.